Firm Overview


Morris Polich & Purdy LLP is a law firm, with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas, that works with its clients on a national basis. We represent clients in every state, as well as many U.S. possessions, where their cases arise. We also have a wealth of international affiliations.

Our dedication to clients, combined with extensive experience, both in the trial and appellate courts, are the qualities that distinguish us from other law firms. Our attorneys are known for their vast experience and success, and have earned the firm its reputation with the bench and bar as down to earth, practiced, sensible, skillful, professional litigators. We provide superior legal services in a manner consistent with our clients' best interests and goals. We are committed to expertise in all our areas of practice, knowing our clients' businesses and providing client service at its highest level.


  • We deliver superior performance for every client. We listen to their needs, understand their businesses and partner with them to meet their own goals.
  • We use a problem-solving framework that ensures the most creative and successful outcome.
  • We are committed to leadership and management that recognize and support our diversity, individual talents and strengths.
  • We serve our clients and our communities by participation in professional, educational, industry and community organizations.



We recruit highly motivated individuals with exceptional verbal and writing abilities. We ensure that our attorneys are experts in their respective areas of practice, through attendance at both internal practice group training sessions and external programs. Our attorneys provide leadership in multiple local, regional and national professional organizations.


At Morris Polich & Purdy LLP, our priorities center on our clients. We know their industries, and we dedicate ourselves to their success and peace of mind.

Our commitment - to employment of the best, challenging their talents, and encouraging their creativity in an atmosphere of teamwork, fulfillment and pride - allows us to find new and effective solutions for our clients, to achieve our business objectives, and to promote the top interests of the communities we serve.

We stand for the best in our profession.