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Regulatory and Licensing attorneys at Morris Polich & Purdy LLP have years of experience in securing business licenses for clients that range from mobile food carts to multi-billion dollar casinos. Whether you wish to secure necessary licenses for a music, food or beverage festival, promote a concert or a prize fight, or operate an arena with seating for thousands, we have the experience to advise and guide you through the regulatory and licensing maze. In the world of alcohol licensing, which often requires compliance with complex regulatory issues like Federal and State “Tied House” laws, we have the knowledge and experience you need to open and operate your bar, restaurant or nightclub, and to handle any compliance issues that might arise after your doors are open.

Our attorneys also have experience before a myriad of professional licensing agencies. For healthcare, we have practitioners with experience before various medical licensing boards, as well as the Board of Dental Examiners, the Board of Pharmacy, and the Board of Oriental Medicine, among others. For building and construction, we have experience before the State Contractors Board and city and county licensing agencies, as well as building, health and fire safety regulatory bodies. For gaming and entertainment, we have practiced before the Gaming Control Board and the State Gaming Commission, the Nevada Athletic Commission, and the US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Whatever occupational licensing body regulates your profession, we have the necessary regulatory and licensing experience to not only get you in business, but to keep you there.

Our attorneys are recognized experts in federal and State Tied House laws governing relations between alcohol manufacturers, retailers and third parties, and have been consulted on numerous projects regarding actual and proposed agreements for naming rights for particular venues, sponsorship of events, and promotions for (and by) alcohol manufacturers.

Our attorneys have represented clients before numerous local and state agencies including Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, Gaming Commission, Athletic Commission, Public Utilities Commission and Financial Institutions Division of the Department of Business & Industry.

Regulatory and Licensing attorney Paul Larsen is a member of the National Association of Liquor Compliance and is enrolled before the Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission.


Cross Section of Our Experience

Examples of our representative matters include:

  • Represented several large hotels in Las Vegas for their development projects
  • Represented large arena on business and liquor licensing, naming and sponsorship issues, and compliance with Federal and State laws
  • Represented a theater on business and liquor licensing, naming and sponsorship issues, and compliance with Federal and State laws

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